The parasite of Cancun

Cancun's hotel zone is fully-equipped for the necessities of the mass tourism which visits the paradise every year. From Isla Mujeres island Cancun is seen as a monstruous and artificial hotel complex. The offers of travel agencies attract people around the world. It's also an ideal place for farewell parties. The potential target: Northamericans are the tourists who most visit Cancun during the year. In order to wash the image of Cancun, authorities banned beggars and homelesses to villages like Valladolid or non-visible places. The real esence of Mexiko remains in the outskirts, far from hotels and tourism conplexes. Despite of being a touristically affected city, in Playa del Carmen autentic Mariachis can be seen on every street. If the tourism is the first sector, the second one is fishing. In Puerto Juarez fishers obtain between 1 and 10 tones of fish every day. Pelicans are the most famous birds of the area. They can be seenspecially in fisher villages, wharfs and harbours. A native Mexikan gets surprised while listening to explanations of a Spanish guide in Chichen Itzá. A small supermarket from Isla Mujeres contains everything a human can need. Two kids refreh themselves in the harbour of Isla Mujeres. Meanwhile, massive tourism continue smashing a culture which tries to survive in the paradise.