Basque shepherds: on the verge of extinction

Sad: Vicente Goti goes in an all-terrain from Orozko to Gorbeia mountain (Biscay, Basque Country). Years ago, he used to do the same itinerary on foot with his flock. Time less: it's a matter of time. This profession of more than 5.000 years seems to be condemned to extinction. Luxury-detached-house: houses of shepherds started being made of wood. Today they're of rock and some of them equipped with light and water. Still working: 78 years-old Luis Larrea is not retiring. He makes money selling of his 200 sheep-flock to a factory of Agurain (Basque Country). One by one: nowadays, sheeps are milked in small cabins with a door system which improves the workflow. The face of the milk: years ago, the milk was sold in the village. Nowadays, if it is not for own consume it's strictly forbidden. Alone: Simon Larrea is anothe shepherd of Gorbea. Looking at the camera says: "this is our end". Millenary meal: Goti and two friends enjoy a meal which accompanied the shepherd in a half of a century: chorizo, cheese, bread and wine. Stuck in a root: Both Larreas take care of their flocks with the help of their dogs in Austigarbi (Gorbeia, Basque Country). Everytime Goti is back in the mountain, observes his old flock grezing near. But this time in other hands.