Softball: a shock therapy against stress

Players use their oun clothings apart from the rest of the team official clothing. One of the players writes the results in a home-made table, made by the team. Matches are played in the nearings of the Stadi Olimpic de Barcelona. A player of the red team runs in order to reach points for he's team Jason celebrates the victory after achieving a point Jason celebrates the victory after achieving a point Out of the court, family and friends wait for the players with a lot of homemade food and cold drinks. Although first aim of the play is to have a good time, inside the court there's a big fight between teams. Pride is behind every game. There's no place for indifference. Softball is a unique experience which attracts the attention of any kind of people. Maximun concentration: there's a lot of pressure during the game. Despite of being high rivalry, friendship and smiles outshines all the worries. A player launches the ball during a game. A batsman of Los Rumberos warms up before enetring the court. The game is over. Time to have lunch.